The washing machine won't open: causes and tips

Nov 18, 2022      Author: A. Ivanova

If the washer door doesn't open after the end of the wash cycle, there may be several causes. We'll tell you what they are and how to open the door lock again. You, unsuspecting, want to take the freshly washed laundry out of the washing machine, and here's the case: the door of the machine no longer opens. Now don't panic and don't yank the door lock like crazy, because that can only break it. Better read here why the washer door won't open and how to fix the error.

For these reasons, the door lock is blocked

The washing machine has several safety mechanisms that prevent the door from opening during the wash cycle and flooding the room with water from the machine. Only when the water is completely pumped out of the machine does the door lock unlock and it can be opened. Possible reasons why the washing machine does not open after the end of the program:

  • power failure;
  • stuck porthole;
  • clogged drain pump;
  • faulty door lock;
  • defective water drain;
  • clogged drain filter;
  • faulty pressure switch;
  • control card malfunctioned;
  • faulty washing machine system (determined by an error report);
  • temperature sensor is defective.

Summary: If the washer door won't open, there are several causes. It may take some time for a non-specialist to recognize them. Still, it makes sense to understand it so you can fix it yourself. </p>  

The door lock won't open: What should I do?

First of all, you need to check that your washing machine is turned on. You can usually tell this quickly by whether the indicators on the machine are on. If not, check the washing machine's electrical connection and fuse box. If the machine has remained energized or you have managed to restore power, set the drain program. Upon completion of the program, the door lock of the machine should open. If it does not, you are left with the option of opening the washer-dryer door manually.

Opening the washer door manually

If the washer loses power or if there is any other malfunction, first unplug the machine to avoid a possible electric shock. Then remove the base of the washing machine, grasp the drain hose and drain the water from the machine through this hose or by opening the lint filter. To do this, place a towel or bowl under the hole of the lint filter, and do not screw it all the way out of the machine immediately. This means that the water - and it may be several gallons - will not come out of the container all at once. You can use the small lever next to the drain hose to activate the machine's emergency release and open the door.

Washing machines without an emergency unlock

If your washing machine doesn't have an emergency unlock, in most cases it's a door hook lock. They can be recognized by the movable handle on the fill hole. A twine trick will help with these doors. If the door handle is in the window frame, extend a piece of twine around the door from right to left so that it is between the cabinet and the door frame. The lock can then be opened with a strong tug.

If the door handle is on the outer edge of the door frame, things are a little more complicated. To do this, carefully lift the opening frame over the cabinet and pass the rope through the hook, then pull it to open the door.  

When doing this, be aware that water may gush out of the machine if the pump has not pumped it out beforehand or if you do not let it drain manually. There is always a good reason why the washing machine door will not open. Therefore, you should not just continue to use the machine after the emergency opening, but contact a specialist firm, which will diagnose the device, if necessary, repair the washing machine and solve the problem with it.

If the pressure sensor is defective

The water level in the drum is detected by a pressure sensor. However, if it is defective, it receives incorrect information and assumes, for example, that the water level is too high to open the door. First, make sure that the water is really being pumped out of the washing machine and that it is safe to open the machine. If this is the case, you can get to the switch by removing the cover. You can recognize it by the fact that there is a red, gray, or black hose connected to it. Disconnect this hose. If the door then opens, you need to clean the pressure chamber. If the door does not open, the pressure switch must be replaced.

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